About Us

We bring peace of mind in a world of evolving concerns.

With our extensive backgrounds in law enforcement and the military, we have decades of experience fortifying our clients’ homes and businesses against potential threats. We collaborate with our clients to prepare them for worst-case scenarios, instilling a sense of preparedness through strategic drills and scenario-based training so they can navigate and respond effectively.

We’re based in Central Florida and serve clients locally, throughout Florida, and beyond.

Our Team

Red Zone was founded and led by a military veteran, law enforcement officer, and SWAT team member.


Gabriel Ortiz


Eric Ortiz

Eric Ortiz

Director of Residential Security

Frequently Asked Questions

Security consulting helps identify vulnerabilities, tailor security measures, and ensure a comprehensive approach to safeguarding your home or business.

Our firearms training team comprises experienced instructors with backgrounds in law enforcement, military, and specialized training.

Regular training sessions for proficiency and continued skill development are crucial.

Absolutely, our consulting services are tailored to your specific industry, size, and potential risks, ensuring a personalized security strategy.

Our courses range from basic firearm safety to advanced tactical training, accommodating various skill levels and specific needs.

Our team is committed to continuous training, attending industry conferences, and staying informed about advancements in security practices and technologies.

Yes, we offer expertise in crafting comprehensive emergency response plans tailored to your business, ensuring readiness for various scenarios.

Regular evaluations, feedback sessions, and simulated scenarios are part of our post-implementation strategy to ensure ongoing effectiveness.

Our team is experienced in developing and conducting workplace violence prevention training to enhance employee awareness and response.

Our specialized security consulting can assess unique risks, implement tailored security measures, and provide comprehensive training to mitigate threats effectively.


In a time where crime and civil unrest are high and police response ranges from 3.46 to 13 minutes across the country, the ability to protect yourself, your family, or your business has never been more crucial.