Commercial Security Consulting

Red Zone Tactics and Consulting offers customized vulnerability assessments and tailored tactics for the security threats you face today.

What to Expect

Through our extensive expertise cultivated through years in law enforcement, we adeptly fortify our clients’ worksites against potential intruders. Beyond bolstering the physical structure, we collaborate closely with businesses to craft a robust emergency action plan, strategically preparing for worst-case scenarios. Through immersive drills and scenario-based exercises, we ensure that the physical environment and the occupants are thoroughly equipped and well-practiced, fostering a heightened state of preparedness for any security challenge that may arise.

How we help:

  • Harden Access Points
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Emergency Action Plan
  • Manage Project Implementation
  • Intruder Deterrents
  • Security Consulting

How it works:


Onsite/Office Consultation

A Red Zone Consultant will schedule a time to discuss your project scope, needs, and expectations.


Vulnerability Assessment

Our objective in conducting a vulnerability assessment is to elevate the protection of your business site by proactively mitigating risks and enhancing security measures. These assessments are essential for safeguarding the work environment from external threats. We offer a meticulously structured approach, systematically pinpointing weaknesses and implementing tailor-made security measures. Our focus is not just on reducing the risk of intrusions but on comprehensively improving the overall security posture of your business, creating a fortified and resilient environment that aligns seamlessly with your specific operational needs.


Deliver Emergency Action Plan & Report

An emergency action plan is a set of procedures and guidelines tailored for your staff and personnel to follow during emergencies or disasters. We build this plan with your business’s unique circumstances in mind.


Manage Project Implementation (Optional)

Managing the implementation of a security plan for your business involves overseeing the
strategic execution of measures designed to safeguard your workplace effectively. This encompasses defining security objectives, creating a timeline, allocating resources, and coordinating with relevant stakeholders. Successful implementation requires thoroughly understanding your business’s
security needs, potential risks, and available technologies. Our consultants will ensure the seamless integration of security systems, employee training, and emergency response protocols. Regular assessments, adjustments, and clear communication are essential to ensuring the implemented security measures align with the overall safety and operational goals of your business.

What’s in the report

  • Executive Summary & Introduction
  • Scope of Assessment
  • Methodology
  • Current Security Measures
  • Threat Analysis
  • Vulnerability Identification
  • Risk Assessment
  • Findings and Recommendations
  • Physical Security Controls
  • Operational Procedures
  • Technology Recommendations
  • Cost Estimates
  • Timeline for Implementation
  • Training Recommendations
  • Testing and Evaluation Procedures
  • Appendices & Conclusion

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Emergency Action Plan

An Emergency Action Plan is a set of procedures and protocols to be followed in the event of a security emergency. It is designed to ensure a swift, coordinated, and effective response to threats or incidents that may compromise the safety and security of individuals and assets within your business.

Commercial Security Consulting

Red Zone offers valuable expertise and experience regarding the vulnerability assessment of your business. We take skills, training, and real-world experience to help our clients in several ways:

Expertise in Tactical and Security Operations

Our Red Zone consultants have extensive training in several types of high-risk operations. They possess advanced knowledge of tactics, firearms, surveillance, and security measures that can be invaluable when designing comprehensive security plans.

Experience Under High-Stress Conditions

Our consultants are accustomed to working in high-stress and potentially dangerous environments. This experience equips them with the ability to make sound decisions under pressure, a crucial skill in security planning and crisis management.

Understanding of Threat Assessment

As police officers and military veterans, our consultants deeply understand criminal behavior, threat assessment, and risk management. They can identify potential security threats and vulnerabilities and develop strategies to mitigate them effectively.

Access to Resources and Networks

We have extensive networks and access to law enforcement and security industry resources. We can tap into these connections to enhance security measures and gather intelligence when necessary.

Training and Education

Our consultants have received specialized training in areas such as crisis management, threat analysis, and security protocols. Use this knowledge to improve our clients’ overall security.

Diverse Skill Sets

Our consultants have additional skills, such as medical training and technical expertise, that can be used to serve our clients further.

Ethical and Professional Standards

Our consultants are held to a high ethical and professional standard. Clients can expect a solid commitment to integrity, confidentiality, and ethical conduct when working with clients.

Adaptability and Problem-Solving

Due to their training and experience, our consultants adapt to rapidly changing situations and effectively solve complex security challenges.

Teaching and Communication Skills

s former and current police officers, our consultants often engage with the community and have experience teaching civilians about security and safety.

Commercial Security Consulting FAQs

Conduct a comprehensive security assessment, invest in access control systems, surveillance cameras, and lighting, and establish clear security policies.

Access control restricts entry to authorized personnel, protecting sensitive areas and assets, enhancing overall security.

Regularly update security systems to incorporate the latest technology and address evolving security needs.

Surveillance cameras deter criminal activity, provide real-time monitoring, and offer valuable evidence in the event of an incident.

Implement strong cybersecurity measures, conduct regular employee training, and stay informed about the latest cyber threats.

Security guards can provide a physical presence, monitor premises, and respond quickly to security incidents, enhancing overall security.

An emergency action plan should include evacuation procedures, communication protocols, and clear roles and responsibilities for employees.

Use security lighting, alarm systems, and surveillance cameras, and consider access control measures to restrict after-hours entry.

Employee training enhances awareness, ensures proper use of security systems, and prepares staff for emergency situations.

Implement access control measures, conduct background checks on employees, and establish clear policies regarding access to sensitive areas.

Hiring a security consultant can provide expertise in identifying vulnerabilities, recommending tailored solutions, and optimizing overall security.

Retail businesses should focus on measures like surveillance cameras, theft prevention systems, and effective employee training to deter theft and enhance security.

prepare for any security challenge that may arise.

In a time where crime and civil unrest are high and police response ranges from 3.46 to 13 minutes across the country, the ability to protect yourself, your family, or your business has never been more crucial.